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Good News Update

Greetings, friends. Que pasa? Many thanks for your continuing support and encouragement. Allow me to share some good news about my writing:GAYA – It is with pleasure that…

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My Cheatin’ Wife

Jameson Gregg AuthorPUBLICATION: Dahlonega Nugget, The (GA)SECTION: News, page 4ADATE: April 16, 2014I suspected my wife was fooling around behind my back. Recently, I found smoking-gun…

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Global warming? What global warming

Jameson GreggPUBLICATION: Dahlonega Nugget, The (GA)SECTION: Opinions, page 5ADATE: March 5, 2014It’s been a harsh winter in Dahlonega. The polar vortex and wintry mixes.Schools closed.…

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