Hooray! New Humor Book

Greetings from Dawsonville, Georgia, home of reigning NASCAR champ Chase Elliott. Are we living in the fast lane or what?

I’m excited to announce the upcoming publication of my second book, Uncorked & Off the Chain: Offbeat Ramblings of a Zany Comic.   

Snippets from a few reviews…

“An unrestrained grab bag of rapid-fire observations… hilarious.”

Kirkus Reviews

“… from the goofily profound to the profoundly goofy…”

Man Martin, three-time Georgia Author of the Year

Uncorked delivers chops and attitude with zany cutting-edge opinion, observational humor, and tales from the wild side. No topic is off limits, from sports, gambling, and edgy tales, to marriage, dogs, and mass consumption of cocktails. Short and snappy free-standing essays when you need a quick belly laugh in your busy life.

          Okay, you say, show me!

          “Benefits of yoga in order of importance: 1) flatulence prompting,

2) flexibility, 3) strength. Strike the downward dog pose and you’ll be breaking wind like Gandhi. Namaste!”

          The publication date is set for May 14, 2021, which coincidently is National Dance Like a Chicken Day, and I will be doing the Chicken Dance on that day. I had a blast writing this book and hope that comes across. I hope you have a blast reading it.  

In closing, let me share what I often tell folks: the great thing about writing in the humor genre is that my goal when working is to make myself laugh. Not a bad way to work, right?

          Spread the word and spread the joy and laughter in your life. Thanks for your support!

Peace out.