Snoopy Award Winner

          Delighted to report that I recently won the Snoopy Award for Writer of the Year from the Gainesville, Georgia-based Northeast Georgia Writers club. The club is over 40 years old, is very active, and is chock-a-block full of talented, published writers. It is a high honor to win the Snoopy Award.

          This spring has been an enjoyable and rewarding season on the speaker’s circuit. I delivered author talks to a wide variety of audiences, including some distinguished literary groups.

          Today, I had the privilege of addressing 90 fourth-grade students at Lumpkin Elementary School. We talked about writing and my writing journey. Maureen and I took them through an exercise using one of the tools in the “writer’s toolbox.” The winners of their writing contest read their essays and poetry.

          These kids were well mannered, attentive, and sure seemed to be smarter than I remember being at that age. Often, I feel like a kid in an adult body so it was big fun for me to be with my people!