Georgia Writers Registry

Georgia Writers Registry

            I am happy to report that I have been inducted into the Georgia Writers Registry maintained by the Georgia Writers Association.

            The Registry is “an adjudicated listing of professional writers who are available for commissions, readings, and consideration for other projects. Its purpose is to provide Georgia readers, teachers, librarians, students, corporate and public entities, community organizations, nonprofits, and others with access to top quality talent in the literary arts.”

            The Georgia Writers Association administers the Literary Event Grants of Georgia (LEGG) for the Georgia Council of the Arts ( Entry on the Georgia Writers Registry makes it possible for organizations to apply for grants to fund writers' fees for literary events.

            Entry is based on a writer’s body of published works, honors, awards, artistic merit and excellence, including body of speeches, presentations, and readings, as well as the writer’s artistic statement.

            It is indeed an honor to be chosen for the Registry alongside many great Georgia authors. It’s a privilege for me to speak publicly about my dual passions of writing and humor.

            I will soon begin seeking representation for my new book, tentatively titled Fishy ‘Round the Gills, Addled Ramblings of an Award-Winning Goofball. The book will deliver humor and satire with chops and attitude. Not for the faint-hearted, Fishy takes a brazen romp through our crazy, modern world. Napoleon Bonaparte said, “From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step,” and Fishy gleefully takes a flying leap on a wide variety of topics from drinking and sports, to marriage and southern living. Filled with irreverent, whacky, and edgy opinions and observational humor, Fishy cuts to the funny bone in exposing our common human foibles and frailties.

            All the while, I continue to write with the goal of one day writing something worth plagiarizing.   



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